Biochar Lawn Study – October, 2011 update

Late this summer, we did a study to generic viagra compare determine the effects from planting grass seed with biochar and without biochar. We posted a video over a month ago showing our results. Since then, we have seen two periods of high temperatures and no rain on each end of a five day cool down and persistent rains.

Yesterday we checked on the grass plots and identified a clear difference between the two plots. The plot with biochar was taller, thicker and healthier looking than the plot of grass without biochar. We don’t know how to capture any meaningful measurements to compare the two plots other than a visual one. Below is a link to a new video showing our findings. It should be very interesting to see how these two plots rebound next spring. We will give you an update at that time. 

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To view the video, click on the link: Biochar Grass Project

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